EXODUS 13:17 – 14:31


  1. The Lord Leads the Israelites Out of Egypt 13:17-22

Lesson:  We must trust the Lord to guide us in our spiritual journey.

  1. The Lord Entices Pharaoh to Pursue the Israelites 14:1-9

Lesson: The Lord gains glory at the expense of His enemies.

  1. The Israelites Cry Out in Fear 14:10-14

Lesson:  We must exercise faith in the Lord when we face crises.

  1. The Lord Rescues the Israelites through the Sea 14:15-31

Lesson:  The Lord gains glory in saving His people.

——————————questions for sermon discussion——————————-

  1. In Ex. 13:17-22, what are some reasons you can derive why you should trust the Lord in your
    spiritual journey?
    What are some issues you are facing now that challenges you to trust in God?
  2. In Ex. 14:10-14, how do you think you would have felt facing the Egyptian army with your back
    against a sea where you can’t escape?
    What situations in life have you been where you felt in a similar situation where you have nowhere
    to turn to? What happened?
  3. In Ex. 14:4,17,18 God says He would gain glory from Egypt. What does that mean? How does God gain glory from His enemies today?
  4. In Ex. 14:15-31, how does God gain glory in saving the Israelites?
    How does God gain glory in saving us today?
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