Introduction: John 3:16 – Perish

  1. What is the wrath of God?

1.1   It is part of the Righteousness of God

1.2  It is the motive to preach the gospel that is God-centred.

The gospel is always about men’s relationship to God.

1.3  Three main attitudes to the wrath of God.


  1. How is the wrath of God revealed?

2.1  In the Old Testament

a)  Noah Ark (Genesis 6-8)

b)  Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 19)

 2.2  In the New Testament

a)  Matthew 23:33

b)  Ephesians 2:3

c)  Revelation 6:17, 16:1

2.3  The Cross at the Calvary


  1. Why does God reveal His wrath against men?

God reveals His wrath against human Sin.  SIN is any violation or transgression of the Law.

3.1  What is the law? (Exodus 20)

a)  Our relationship to God

b)  Our relationship with men.

(Refer to Mark 12:30-31)

3.2 God Likeness and Righteousness always go together.

       (Refer  II Timothy 3:5,  Philippians 3:8-9)

3.3  It is very important that the First should be first, and the second second,

 not vice versa.


Conclusion: The Urgency and the burden of preaching the gospel. (Romans 1:14-16)


Questions for Discussion.

  1. Does the concept of God’s wrath offend or embarrass you? Why?

Examine and share your reasoning and motives.

  1. Love your God with ALL your being (Mark 12:30-31).

What practical things you will do to show your love for Him?

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