EXODUS 2:1-25


1. Moses, the Deliverer, Is Born and Rescued vv 1-10

  • Moses’ birth foreshadows the birth of a new nation.

2. Moses Attempts to Deliver an Oppressed Hebrew, Is Rejected and Runs Away vv 11-22

  • Moses’ rashness as a deliverer delays his effectiveness.

3. Moses Settles Down, But His People’s Plight Has Not Changed vv 23-25

  • The Israelites cry for help and God heard them.


——————————-questions for sermon discussion—————————–

1.   What are the key words that point to the fact that Moses’ birth foreshadows the birth of a new nation?
What does it mean to be a new nation / creation?
What does being a new creation in Christ mean to you?

2. From vv 11-15, name the good points about Moses.
Despite his good points, why didn’t Moses succeed as a deliverer; what was missing?
What do you think you need to do to be effective for Christ?

3. From vv 23-25, what can you learn about prayer?
What do you think make God answer their prayer?
How important do you think prayer is?

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