Sermon Outline
Life in the Lord-Shepherd
Psalm 23: 1-6

Introduction (23:1)
– Shepherd’s promise

1) Abundant life: God provides (23: 2, 3a)

2) Secure life: God protects (23: 3b, 4)

3) Blessed life: God prepares (23:5)

Conclusion (23:6)
– Shepherd’s presence

Discussion for application
1. If you are to choose between a life under the authority and presence of God and a life determined by
yourself and the world around you, which one would you decide on?
Why? (Share specific examples.)

2. What is the single impression this psalm has on you?

3. Which area(s) of your life did the psalm relate to?

4. What would you do in the next two weeks in order to allow the Lord-Shepherd to minister to you?

Bible reading guide: Psalm 23: 1-6
Day 1: Psalm 23: 1-6
– Read the whole psalm slowly 2 to 3 times or more. Memorise the whole psalm.
– What are the pattern(s), phrase(s) or word(s) that draw your attention?
Jot them down in the journal.
– In what ways the pattern(s), phrase(s) or word(s) impressed you? How would you apply them in your
life and your circumstances?
– Write a prayer to the Lord as He has spoken to you in the Bible reading.

Day 2: Psalm 23:1
– Read the whole psalm a few times slowly, you may want to focus on verse 1.
– What does this verse speak to you about God?
– How do you relate to Him?
– Write down your thoughts and a prayer of response to God.

Day 3: Psalm 23: 2-3a
– Read the whole psalm once and then read verses 2-3a several times slowly.
– In your reflection, what image or vision emerges for you?
– How does this relate to you and your experience?
– Jot down your responses to God and your prayer in the journal.

Day 4: Psalm 23: 3b-4

– Read the whole psalm once and then read verses 3b-4 repeatedly.
– What comes to your mind when you read these verses?
– Which word(s) or phrase(s) appeal to you here? Why?
– Write a prayer to respond to God for what you have learnt.

Day 5 Psalm 23: 5-6
– Read the whole psalm for a few times slowly. Focus on verses 5-6.
– As you reflect your faithfulness as a member of God’s flock, what do you deserve?
– Now do a mental inventory of your blessings, including relationships, money, possessions, your
standard of living – everything.
– How does this inventory of blessings encourage or discourage you in your journey of faith in the
– Write a prayer of confession as you acknowledge and respond to God’s goodness and mercy
(be specified).

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