GENESIS. 16:1-16


Divine guidance comes about in the mess of human mistakes.

1. God Is Silent

2. Sarah Is Anxious vv 1-2

3. The Family Is In Conflict vv 3-6

4. God Sees Hagar’s Plight vv 7-16


Lessons on Guidance

a. When God is silent, we may wait but not necessary forever.

b. Making mistakes do not disqualify us from the journey of faith.

c. God is sovereign over our mistakes, but we still have to clean up the mess.

d. God cares for everyone, including Hagar.

——————————questions for sermon discussion-——————————

1.  Put yourself in Sarai and Abram’s shoes. How do you think they must have felt when they still had no children at their age?

2. When God is silent and we need an answer what should we do?
a. Keep waiting until God gives a clear answer.
b. Make the best decision we can given the facts at that time.

3. How do Abram, Sarai and Hagar contribute to the martial problem?
How was this problem solved? What problems were solved, and what problems were not solved?
How does God’s purpose come through despite the human mess created by the family? When families today have created a mess, can there still be hope and purpose for them?

4. What is your opinion of Hagar from the behaviours she displayed?
How was she treated by Abram or Sarai? How did God treat her? How does God want us to treat the Hagar in our lives?
Share an example of God’s purpose prevailing despite human mistakes.

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