GENESIS 18:16 – 19:38

1. God Comes To Judge

2. God Reveals His Judgment to Abraham

3. Abraham Intercedes for the Cities

4. Lot Provides Hospitality to the Two Angels

5. The Men in Sodom Are Really Wicked

6. The Angels Rescue Lot and His Family

7. Abraham Knows that God Has Answered His Prayer

8. Lot Fathers the Moabites and the Ammonites

Lessons on God’s Judgment
1. God Will Judge Evil When It Is Ripe

2. God’s Judgement Will Be Just

3. We Are Called to Be a Blessing Even to an Evil Nation

4. We Are to Intercede Even if Things Won’t Change

———————–Questions for Sermon Discussion———————

1. What basic truths do you learn about God’s judgment in this passage? From what you learn about God’s judgment, what can you say about God’s character?
What difficulties do you have about God’s judgment in the Bible? How does this passage help to resolve some of these difficulties?

2. Evil and injustice cry out all the time, and God’s judgment will come when the tipping point is reached or when Judgment Day comes. In the light of God’s judgment, what do you understand to be the role of the Church who has been called to be a blessing?
How do you think The Methodist Church in Malaysia, or CGMC or you can play that role?

3. What truths do you learn about Abraham’s intercession in this passage? Why should we pray even when our prayers may not be answered?
What do you believe about the need to intercede for Malaysia? How are you interceding for our nation? What commitment to interceding will you make?

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