EXODUS 15:22 – 17:7


1. The Bitter Water that Turned Sweet at Marah (15:22-27)

2. God’s Provision of Manna and Quail at Elim (16:1-36)

3. The Rock that Gives Water Near Horeb (17:1-7)


a. Beware of grumbling that reveals a lack of faith.

b. Do not take God’s gracious care for granted.

c. Submit to God’s tests to purify us.

———————–questions for sermon discussion————————-

1.  Look up all the verses in Ex. 15:22-17:7 where the Israelites grumble.

What are they grumbling about and what does it reveal about their faith towards God?

2. What kind of grumbling do you usually hear in Church?

What do you think these grumbling reveal about the grumblers?
What are some things you grumble about?
What does your grumbling reveal about you?

3. Why is God so restrained about being angry with the Israelites who are grumbling?

Instead, He shows Himself very gracious. Why does He do that? (Read the text carefully to find the answers.)

4. What does God do to test the Israelites? What does He hope to achieve?

How does God test us today? How have you been tested by God? What happened?

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