Genesis 22: 1- 19


  1. God Tests Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac.           vv 1-2


  1. Abraham Obeys God to Sacrifice Isaac.          vv 3-10


  1. God Stops Abraham from Sacrificing Isaac and Provides a Ram. vv 11-14


  1. God Reconfirms His Covenant to Abraham.  vv 15-19


Lesson on God’s Testing


———————————–questions for sermon discussion——————————————-

1.    What are some observations you make from the passage about God testing the faith of Abraham?

Why does God want to test Abraham?

Were you ever put in any situation where your faith was tested? What did you learn? Are you going through a testing now? Share it.


2.    What are the evidences that Abraham obeyed God?

What does Abraham expect the outcome of this testing? (See also Heb. 11:17-19.)

How do you think Abraham’s faith might have “grown” after the test?

How did your faith “grow” after the test?


3.    God provides (Yahweh Yireh) for Abraham a ram.

What are some promises of God’s provision for us in our Christian journey?

What are some testimonies you can share to encourage others about God’s provision for you?


4.    Read vv 16-18. How does our covenant with God depend on our response to Him?

How do we know that we are responding to God?

How would we know if we are not responding to God?


5.    Do you agree that the Christian life is more like a Roller Coaster than an LRT experience?

Does having a smooth secure life (like LRT) indicate that everything is ok?

Does having an up and down life (Roller Coaster) indicate that we are not ok?

Explain the normal Christian life.

When you are going through a roller coaster, how does your faith in God help?

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