GENESIS. 12:6 -13:18
1. Failing His First Test

Abram acted exactly the opposite of God’s promises to him.


2. Learning From His Failure

Abram learned his lesson, returned to God’s promised land, and went back to his altar.


3. Making His Offer to Lot

 a.  Abram’s Magnanimous Offer

Abram’s generous offer showed that he was a free and selfless man.


b. Lot’s Worldly Choice

Lot’s choosing the plain showed his self-centeredness that led him to bondage.


c. Their Contrasting Choices

First, how they each saw the land.

  • Lot lifted his eyes without consulting God. He evaluated based on his memories of Egypt. (See v 10.)
  • Abram lifted his eyes when God told him to. He saw the land from God’s perspective. (See v 14.)


Second, the concluding words describe each man’s choice.

V 13: “Now the men of Sodom were wicked and were sinning greatly …”

V 18 “So Abram moved his tents … he built an altar to the LORD.”


4. Ending With A Destiny

Lot ended up degraded by the world.

Abram grew in faith and in righteousness, and is honoured.

—————————-questions for sermon discussion—————————-

  1. Why did Abram fail in his test? What usually causes you to fail in your test?
  2. What did Abram do to recover from his failure? Share what you did in the past to recover from a failure experience.
  3. What do their decisions about their ‘prosperous’ problem reveal about each of their characters? What decision do you face now? Whichever way you make your decision, do they reveal about your character? How?
  4. What were the essential differences in their choices that led them to their different destinies? Do the choices we make in our journey of faith matter? Can you share the decisions you make that affect your destiny up to now for good or for ill?
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