GENESIS 15:1-21

Abram doubted God’s promises and needed assurances.

1. Abram’s Doubts and God’s Assurances

a. How Is Childless Abram to Inherit God’s Promises? (vv 1-3)

b. God Assures Abram that He Will Have His Own Child (vv 4-7)

c. How Is Abram to Know He Will Possess the Land? (vv 7- 8)

d. God Swears that Abram’s Descendants Will Inherit the Land (vv 9-21)

2. Testimony of My Doubts and God’s Assurances

a. How Can I Be Sure of My Calling?

b. How Can I Know that God Has Empowered Me?

3. Lessons on Faith (Doubts and Assurances)

a. Faith Needs to Grow and Develop.

b. Faith Is Believing What God Says (in His Word).

c. Faith Is Knowledge of a Higher Order of Reality.

——————————questions for sermon discussion ————————

1      What lessons can you draw about

(a) Abram’s doubts and
(b) God’s assurances from Gen. 15?
Draw your conclusion from the passage.

2.    How did God assure Abram of his doubts?

How do you think God assure us of our doubts today?
Do we have better assurance today than Abram had?
If so, how is that so? Explain.

3.    What doubts do you have in your faith today?

How do you think you might overcome it?

4.    What are some things we can do to grow in our faith?

Share in your experiences how you grew in your faith.

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