GENESIS. 17:1-27; 18:1-15


1.  God Reaffirms His Covenant to Abram (vv 1-14)

a. God Appears to Abram to Reaffirm the Covenant (vv 1-2)

b. God Specifies the Details of the Covenant to Abram, and Renames Him Abraham (vv 3-8)

c. God Institutes Circumcision, the Sign of the Covenant (vv 9-14)


2.  God Promises a Son through Sarai (vv 15-27)

a.  God Promises a Son Through Sarai, and Renames Her Sarah (vv 15-16)

b.  Abraham Responds with Bemused Laughter (vv 17-18)

c.  God Repeats the Promise and Names the Child Isaac (vv 19-22)


3.  Abraham Commits to the Covenant by Carrying Out Circumcision (vv 23-27)


Lessons We Can Learn

1.Trust God to fulfil His covenant.

2. Obey God by keeping His covenant.

3. Perpetuate God’s covenant to our children.


——————————-questions for sermon discussion——————————-

  1. In God’s covenant with Abraham, list down all the evidences of divine sovereignty and Abraham’s responsibility in chapter 17.
  2. How do you think God’s sovereignty encourages Abraham’s responsibility? How does God’s sovereignty encourage your responsibility in your journey of faith?
  3. Explain what you understand by the sign of water baptism. How important is it that a believer in Christ be baptized?
  4. Since the sign of baptism is extended to children, what does it mean for CGMC to regard our children and youths as the people of?
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