1.    Abraham Digs In His Faith In The Purchase Of Burial Site (Genesis 23)

a. Sarah Dies and Abraham Mourns vv 1-2

b. Abraham Purchases a Burial Site vv 3-20

i) Abraham’s Request vv 3-4

ii) The Hittites’ Generous Offer vv 5-6

iii) Abraham’s Clarification vv 7-9

iv) Ephron’s Modified Offer vv 10-11

v) Abraham’s Anticipated Response vv 12-13

vi) The Price Set and Agreed vv 14-16

vii) A Fully Secured Contract vv 17-20

This Purchase Reveals the Direction of Abraham’s Faith

Q: How Does Abraham’s Action Speak to Us?


2.   Abraham Acts To Ascertain The Covenant Passes On Through Isaac
       Genesis 24

a.  Abraham Obligates His Servant to Get Isaac a Bride from His Relatives vv 1-9

b. God’s Guidance for the Servant ’s Difficult Task Is Amazing vv 10-61

i)  The Servant’s Prayer and God’s Answer vv 10-27

ii)  The Servant’s Successful Negotiation vv 28-54a

iii) Rebekah’s Agreement to Go with the Servant vv 54b-61

c.  Isaac Marries Rebekah vv 62-67

Q:  How Does Abraham’s Action Speak to Us?


3.   Abraham Sets His House In Order Before He Dies 25:1-19

a. Abraham Distributes His Assets to His Children vv 1-11

b. Ishmael’s Story Ends, Isaac’s Story Begins vv 12-19

Q:  How Does Abraham’s Action Speak to Us?




—————————– questions for sermon discussion ——————————

1.      Abraham’s costly investment in the burial plot reveals the direction of his faith.

What purposes did the burial plot serve for his descendants?

How does the investment of our time, money and energy reveal the direction of our faith?

2.     What effort did Abraham make to ensure that Isaac did not to marry a local Canaanite girl or be

taken back to Abraham’s country of origin? Why is marrying to one of his relatives important?

How can marriage be a threat to perpetuating our faith to our children?

3.    Name all the actions Abraham take to ensure that the covenant promise is carried through Isaac.

What actions can parents and grandparents take to ensure that our faith is passed on to our children or grandchildren?

What actions have you taken?

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