Scripture Text: Building Lives On The Rock
Sermon Title:   Matthew 7:25-27; Luke 24:13-35
Speaker:             Rev. Dr. Simon Wong
Introduction: Our Journey
Two challenges / blessings
– Walking with Jesus Christ Luke 24:13-35
– Building lives with the WORD Matthew: 7:25-27

Parable of the wise & foolish (Sing and demonstrate)

1. Wise Up:
– Building on the Rock – Not building on the Sand

2. Obey His Word:
– Listening to the Word of God
– Applying the Word in our lives

3. Restore Joy of Salvation:
– Repenting of your sins
– Returning to God & His Word
– Restoring the Joy of walking with Him

4. Dedicate Yourselves
– Realigning priorities
– Resting in His promises
– Renewing and reviving faith

His Word revives and renews our faith, hope and love

Burning hearts
– Risen Christ comes alongside and walks with us and shares the Scriptures

Opened eyes
– Risen Christ sits with us at the table and break bread

With God in our hearts, with the Bible in our hands and with praises in our mouths, we will build lives on the Rock.

Questions for Discussion
1. Who is a wise person? Who is a foolish person?
2. What are the four steps in building lives on a strong foundation? (WORD)
3. Why is it important to put God’s Word into action in our daily walk with Christ?

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