19 May 2018 (Saturday)

MATTHEW 4:23-25, 1 CORINTHIANS 3:6, 9:22-23,  2 CORINTHIANS 10: 3-5                             TODAY’S PRE- EVANGELISM MINISTRY

I. The rationale [1 Cor. 3:6]

1. Its needs

a. The world shows no interest towards gospel

b. The world is changing.

2. Its definition

‘Evangelism is every day and in every way helping your non believing friends to take one step closer to JC.’


II. The process evangelism

1. In the kingdom of God aspect [Mt 4:23-25]

a. Jesus’ example

The coming of the Kingdom of God is the core objective and value of the gospel.

b. Our evangelism content includes:

Jesus came as Messianic king.

Man failed.

Redemption through Christ’s atonement and the renewal of Holy Spirit.

Proclaim the kingship and Lordship of Jesus.

Profess the affirmation of Christian faith.

Show filial to Christ’s kingship.

Witness through communal works and services

Become his nation and people.


2. In communal church aspect [Mk 1:15]

a. Evangelism in the communal aspect would be:

i. The reign of God and the collectiveness of discipleship and doing the will of God.

ii. The community faith of church becomes the core of the gospel.

iii. The church mission is submission to His Messianic kingship.

iv. The great commission becomes prominence in Christian life and living.


b. Three priorities in evangelism today:

i. Belonging comes before believing.

ii. Discipleship comes before decision.

iii. Co-operation comes before conversation.


3. In Conversational aspect [2 Cor 4:4,1 Cor 9:22-23,2 Cor 10:3-5]

a. Hearing conversations

b. Illuminating conversations

c. Uncovering conversations

d. Building conversations



Pre evangelism or process evangelism is necessary in today’s evangelism. It creates and opens more opportunity to reach out to people. Evangelism must be done through the communal church. Probing the right questions will draw the un-churched people a step nearer to Christ.



  1. In what way do you think your Church may come in as a communal church in evangelism, share how would you like to get involve?
  2. Recall a time when you had conversation with your friend, and asked some questions, and helped him /her to drawn closer to Christ. Share why the questions that you asked is helpful to them?
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