GENESIS 14:1-24


1. Abram Risks His Life To Rescue Lot vv 1-16

a. A War Breaks Out

b. Lot Is Captured

c. Abraham Rescues Lot

Q. What Do We Do With Obstacles?


2. Abram Worships God and Renounces His Spoils vv 17-24

a. Abram Accepts King Melchizedek’s Offer

b. Abram Renounces King Bera’s Offer

Q. Do Our Victories Lead Us to Grasp or to Worship?


———————–questions for sermon discussion————————

  1. Lot seems to be a burden rather than an asset to Abram in the journey of faith. Why was he a burden? Reflecting on your own life, in what ways might you be a burden in the journey of faith for your family, Cell Group or Church? What would you like to do about it?
  2. In the rescue of Lot, what characteristics in Abram stand out? What are some characters of Abram you admire? How might you want to emulate him? What changes will that imply for you?
  3. What temptations would Abram have experienced when he met with (1) King Melchizedek and (2) with King Bera with their offer? What temptations have you felt when you were successful or when you were given offers? How did you respond to them?

How does Gen. 14 fit into Abram’s journey of faith? What point does it make in the story?

[Hint: it is about the land God promised!]


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